Wingstyle- Linefootball

Yarre was invited by Cascoland to make a new project during the World Cup Football in South Africa in 2010.

A new type of soccer game, developed and produced by Yarre Stooker for Cascoland Mafikeng 2010. Wingstyle Line Football is a 4-a side game on a field of 8 trapezium-shaped sections. There is 1 player in each section, and players may not leave their section. The ball must be played out of a player’s section within 7 seconds, resulting in an a quick and strategic interplay to score goals. Yarre has joined Cascoland’s Mobile Screen Unit in the past few weeks, visiting villages around Mafikeng to develop a Wingstyle Linefootball team in each of them. The finals of this league tournament were played at Mmabatho Stadium on 11 July 2010, resulting in a champion’s cup for Fast Eleven from Bodibe


Rules of the game.


The field consists of 8 section’s.

There’s only one player in each section.

The sections are trapezium sized.

4 Players of team A .

4 Players of team B

  1. The ball can be played directly to the goal, but can also be played from section to section. You can play the ball from center-players to wing-players and back as many times as you like.
  2. Every player has to stay in his own section between the lines. They are not allowed to cross the line.
  3. The players can float up to knee height with their feet in the hostile section, but may not touch the ground with their feet. During the game the players are not allowed to make physical contact with other players.
  4. You have to play the ball out of the section within 7 seconds.
  5. You are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands.
  6. The goalkeeper is allowed to stop the ball with his hands, but has to play the ball out of the goal-area with his feet and not directly at the goal of the opponent..
  7. A sectionball follows after somebody breaks the rule.
  8. A sectionball has to be played by the centerfront-player of the other team. The sectionball has to be played from the cross-area of the section of the centerfront-player. All other players have to take place at the cross-area of their own section.
  9. If the ball is played outside the court, the ball goes to the nearest hostile section of the player who last touched the ball. The ball must be removed from that box indirectly through another section (never directly on the enemy target).
  10. You can shift from player in every box after a goal or after a direction change(section shifting). You can shift as many times as you like.
  11. The duration of the game is 10 minutes.
  12. After the first 5 minutes there will be a direction change.
  13. If there is no winner after 10 minutes, there wil be a thirth part following a sudden death. The first team that scores wins the game.

Wing- style finals 2010

Wing-style tutorial Mafikeng 2010

Wingstyle linefootball in South Africa #1 2010